Virtual Preschool

Providing stimulating, engaging, and exciting education to prepare children for Kindergarten.

You Soar Virtual Pre-K is the latest addition to You Soar Learning. We are passionate about empowering young people academically, personally, and professionally and launching the Virtual Pre-K will not only empower them but set them up for success in a creative way. Check out our YouTube Channel.

What To Expect

Many options, many resources, and a strong community of learners. 

Founded by Cicely Carr, M. Ed, a certified ELA, Special Education, and ESL educator is passionate about education and knows it is one of her greatest purposes in life. Cicely’s career background has been all educational, from leadership development to college and career workshops with Girl Scouts, from Entrepreneurship classes with Neighborhood Development Center to teaching Special Ed and English Language Arts to students off all backgrounds. Because of her lifelong passion and purpose, you and your child will have a pre-k experience with quality curriculum, lessons, activities, homework and more.

Students will thrive in a small group virtual setting. It is engaging, interactive, and educational. Great for young people who love interaction with the teacher and students. 10 students max per session.

Still engaging, interactive and educational but for those that need the learning on their time.

Receive 2 lessons, activities, and more weekly.

Social and interactive with a teacher and other children their age. Children will participate in learning games, show and tell, and other activities that fill that social emotional need. 10 students max per session.

“Empowering young minds to soar to the highest of heights!”

Partnership with Kindred Creatives Art and Literary Press

Kindred Creatives Art and Literary Press is a bookstore, maker space, and literacy center for all ages. You Soar has partnered to provide literacy programs, college and career prep, summer camps and more. 

To learn more about Kindred Creatives ALP, visit

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